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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Impeachment is not a winner for the Democratic Party but will be its downfall- can we move onto the 2020 Elections instead?

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I hope impeachment fails; there, I said it, go ahead and blast me…
Wasco, CA 93280, 01-29-2020 Wednesday:  I watched the defense of President Trump in the U.S. Senate yesterday just as I did the previous day and I will admit, his legal team did a phenomenal job of it.  I will admit, too, that flipping through CNN and MSNBC, I saw little to nothing of it and so spent my time viewing the ever-reliable C-SPAN, them and Fox News Channel.      
I would have thought that to be ‘fair,’ the alphabet channels and the cable news networks would have shown Trump’s defense attorneys making their arguments against impeachment because when one puts everything together, their side and mine (wavering on party loyalty), it does not appear that President Trump did anything wrong.
The Republicans have numerous cracks on their side because their party has a group of moderates who seem more like Judas Iscariot than they do loyal Republicans.   My side has people who profess to being unmoved by anything the defense says even when it is extremely persuasive and honest. 
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse said that the defense put forth by Alan Dershowitz, noted defender of the U.S. Constitution, was embarrassing.  Embarrassing.  How can you say something as ignorant as that, senator, if you claim to want an honest and fair trial?   My husband and I were deeply moved just as we were by Pam Bondi’s presentation on Hunter Biden.  There is no way that kid and his father are not corrupt and in the grip of Burisma. 
I am sorry to see Congresswoman Val Demings standing behind Adam Schiff.  Anyone connected to him or close to him will be going down in smoke when all is said and done, unless, of course, if the GOP ‘moderates’ break away and do everything in their wheelhouse to destroy President Trump.  Then and only then will my party rule the day, only the day they rule will be one of national decline. 
If the Democrats win this fight, the Constitution will forever be weakened, the document that has protected our country for more than two centuries will fall into decline as will the nation. 
Unless the American people stand strong and let their feelings be known, we will eventually fall into one-party political rule and with sole power invested in one party and one party alone, our country will become corrupt, jaded, and absolute power will lead us into a regime-styled government that more resembles the current governments of Russia and China at best or Venezuela and North Korea at worst, none of which we, the people, desire or seek.
Tibe and me believe that impeachment is going to destroy our party.  We believe that it will lead to a deep schism that will see the birth of a full-blown Democratic Socialist Party and a shadow old-time Democratic Party. 
On the other side, we might see remnants of the Grand Old Party with the moderates running the show and another party, perhaps the Libertarian or Constitution Party, becoming the refuge of conservative thinkers.  In essence, we will become fractured in our politics much like many European Union nation states or like Israel where coalition governments exist.
Whatever happens, our country will undergo change, radical change, and the constitutional republic will disappear and in its place, a parliamentary-style system will emerge where the legislative branch will have more power than the executive.  This will lead to the erosion of our democracy and in its place a government and country riven by factions and lacking any semblance of homogeneity. 
I would hope that senators will vote to acquit because we have an election looming large in ten months.  If you don’t want Trump to be president, cast your votes for someone else.  However, we cannot knock him for doing what he is doing because everything he is doing is making our country a better place to live.  See Monday and Tuesday.
No wonder ET and I have few to no Democrat close friends anymore.  However, one must stand for what one believes and my hope is, impeachment collapses and we move to the election.  That is my hope.
See you tomorrow.  
Bea O’Malley
American Culinary Federation, Inc, Certified Working Chef, Mixologist, and Foodserver
Bea O’Malley writes from her hometown of Wasco, California
Bea O’Malley is a proud member of the Democratic Party.
Contact me at bbomalley2010a@gmail.com.

01-29-2020 W Political Topics and Essays, Part MMLXIV: “Impeachment is not a winner for the Democratic Party but will be its downfall- can we move onto the 2020 Elections instead?” by Chef Bea O’Malley.    
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O’Malley, Beatrice. “Impeachment is not a winner for the Democratic Party but will be its downfall- can we move onto the 2020 Elections instead?”  Political Topics and Essays, Part MMLXIV

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