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Thursday, January 30, 2020

In November, this Democrat and her family plan on voting for results and not for or against a particular presidential candidate or a party as we want to continue seeing America made great again

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Earl Tiberius and I hope impeachment is coming to an end…
Wasco, CA 93280, 01-30-2020 Thursday:  As an American who is also a Democrat, I am always amazed at how those who live within the bubble of government and those who live without it do not see things the same.  Out here, very few people are talking about impeachment much less about Russian or Ukrainian involvement in our elections.  As far as I know and from what Mo has told all of us, is that Russia has always interfered or sought to interfere in our elections from the days of the Bolshevik Revolution.  Likewise, the Chinese, the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam War, as well as our allies, from Great Britain to Israel to everyone else does and always has.    
We are the number one power of the globe and everyone seeks to sway us to what is in their best interests, not necessarily ours.  The Soviet Union sought to spread communism around the globe and interfered in every free nation’s elections just as Russian despot Vladimir Putin, himself, a former KGB agent, does to this day. 
We know the Chinese interfere because President Trump has given them a smackdown the likes of which, they have never received.  They would love to see someone other than Trump win in November 2020 just as would North Korean thug Kim Jong-Un and the mullahs in Tehran.  It is what it is, it is the quid pro quo of international politics and foreign policy.
I think Donald Trump is unlike any other American president in that he does not spend hours in front of a mirror, honing and crafting his rhetoric and mannerisms when he stands before the people, American and otherwise.  He has no time for that, he spends the entire day and well into the night doing the business of the American people.  So what if he’s a little bit rough around the edges?  We cannot complain with the results.
As I said a few days ago, if Tibe and I lack the patience and calmness to watch the president on TV, we can go to a different channel and watch something else.  However, to enjoy in the results he is achieving, we must accept the man for who and what he is, a man of the people, a boisterous, no holds barred speaker.  We can do that.  We can accept it because we like what is going on around us.  
I hope that President Trump will do several rallies in the ensuing months here in California.  One in San Francisco, one in Los Angeles, one in San Diego, and one here in the central valley, perhaps in Fresno or Stockton.  Millions of Californians would love to see him in person because we want to change the politics of our state just as much as we want to change those of the nation to pro-American, pro-U.S. citizen and not pro-illegal alien and pro-criminal.
If ICE can round up and deport all illegal aliens living within our state, the costs of housing and of rentals will drop, precipitously.  Deporting all the non-citizens living here would drive down the costs of health care for Californians because hospitals would not rely on US to cover the costs of FREE treatments for hordes of illegals.
If ICE would deport the illegal alien criminals, crime would also drop.  Instead of having criminal gangs like MS-13 and other outlaw groups with ties to Mexico and Central America, we could make our neighborhoods safe again.  No longer would black neighborhoods have to engage in wars against illegals who move into the areas in which we live and then try to evict us, people with generational ties to these areas that go back to the dawn of the previous century or longer.
My husband and I get it that Trump rubs a lot of people the wrong way.  However, for whom can either of us vote if we want to see America to continue healing?  Can’t vote for Bernie or Liz or Mayor Pete or any of the others.  Can’t do it, I’m sorry.  We like what is occurring all around us and know that tens of millions of our fellow Americans do, too. 
We are voting for results, not for the man.  We will not allow morons such as Don Lemon and Rick Wilson insult us into doing otherwise.  How about you?  For whom will YOU vote in November 2020?  For a person or for results?
Join me tomorrow.  
Bea O’Malley
American Culinary Federation, Inc, Certified Working Chef, Mixologist, and Foodserver
Bea O’Malley writes from her hometown of Wasco, California
Bea O’Malley is a proud member of the Democratic Party.
Contact me at bbomalley2010a@gmail.com.

01-30-2020 Thursday—Political Topics and Essays, Part MMLXV: “In November, this Democrat and her family plan on voting for results and not for or against a particular presidential candidate or a party as we want to continue seeing America made great again” by Chef Bea O’Malley.    
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O’Malley, Beatrice. “In November, this Democrat and her family plan on voting for results and not for or against a particular presidential candidate or a party as we want to continue seeing America made great again.”  Political Topics and Essays, Part MMLXV

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