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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Speaker Pelosi and Adam Schiff, please, stop the madness, I beg you. The American people cannot withstand much more of this vendetta you have against Trump; it is un-American

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The alleged whistleblower’s name is all over the Internet (as are his photos) yet saying it might be what got us into trouble at Google Blogger…oops!
Wasco, CA 93280, 02-01-2020 Saturday:  My colleagues and I have been curious as to WHY Google Blogger decided to shut us down and why Google Domains stripped our domains from our blogs (although we still own both the blogs and the domain names).  We suspect it was due to writing some rambunctious posts in which, we used the alleged whistleblower’s name and because some of our authors get overly emotional and say things better left unsaid when they tap out relevant posts regarding current issues.   
The problem is the whistleblower’s name is all over the Internet as are photos of him.  Still, it might have been prudent for us to kowtow before the Google gods because when someone is outed for whatever reason, someone somewhere must always be punished so the powers that be can claim ‘we chastened someone.’  Oooh, scary.
This past Thursday, Sen. Rand Paul brought the wrath of Chief Justice John Roberts down upon him when he submitted a question that included the alleged name of said whistleblower, Eric C.  Note, we are taking precautions here because we do not want Sundar Pichai somehow going to WordPress and getting us shut down over here.  That would suck, as the young people say.
Sen. Paul wanted to query House Manager and impeachment bigwig Adam Schiff IF he knew that Shawn Misko and Eric C. had a close relationship while working at the National Security Council together?  After all, this is where the current crap for the impeachment fiasco was born.   
The scuttlebutt about all of this is that Misko left the NSC and went to work for, uh, Congressman Adam Schiff, and that when the alleged whistleblower decided to blow the coop and let the world know about the secondhand information that another denizen of the NSC (and one of the 17 witnesses called before the House Intel and Judiciary Committees), Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman most likely leaked to him, he went straight to the office of, you guessed it, Adam Schiff.
Now, I am an old chef, lifelong Democrat, a heck of a great bartender, but I know when something stinks to high heaven and this mess of fish guts is smelling mighty bad right now.  I want to know the truth as does everyone else and it is becoming rapidly apparent that the one-sided attempt at getting President Trump out of office is going to continue using whatever fake news and engineered information available to do it.  This must stop and it must stop now.
I began writing this post Thursday evening so who knows?  Perhaps, the Senate has voted to acquit or for witnesses, which members of my party are eager for so they can extend this sham procedure into the middle of the year.  Like I said, I began writing today’s post because tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday and we must prepare for it early. 
As someone who likes what the president is doing but does not always love how he does it, this is NO way to run a country.  It makes more sense to me to vote him out of office if you are so inclined (which ET and I no longer are) rather than to pursue the man for as long as he inhabits the White House and probably after he has long left it behind.
Many talk radio hosts and TV personalities say it will NEVER end and I will lean towards them and their knowledge of American politics.  However, I sure wish it would because enough is enough and the damage members of my party and some anti-Trump Republicans are doing to our country is irreparable and un-American. 
Speaker Pelosi and Adam Schiff: please, stop the madness, I beg you.  The country can not withstand much more of what you two are doing.  Stop.  The American people beg you.
Tomorrow, the Kansas City Chiefs v. the San Francisco 49ers.  I haven’t a clue.
See you then.   
Bea O’Malley
American Culinary Federation, Inc, Certified Working Chef, Mixologist, and Foodserver
Bea O’Malley writes from her hometown of Wasco, California
Bea O’Malley is a proud member of the Democratic Party.
Contact me at bbomalley2010a@gmail.com.

02-01-2020 Saturday—Political Topics and Essays, Part MMLXVII: “Speaker Pelosi and Adam Schiff, please, stop the madness, I beg you.  The American people cannot withstand much more of this vendetta you have against Trump; it is un-American” by Chef Bea O’Malley.    
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O’Malley, Beatrice. “Speaker Pelosi and Adam Schiff, please, stop the madness, I beg you.  The American people cannot withstand much more of this vendetta you have against Trump; it is un-American.”  Political Topics and Essays, Part MMLXVII
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